A QR code is short for Quick Response code, which can be read quickly by a mobile phone. Recently, QR codes (illustrated below) have gained increasing popularity. They are found in magazine adverts, on billboards, web pages , even supermarket shelves.



Fingermarketing.com QR Code. (Takes you to our site)



The reason why QR codes are becoming more popular than barcodes is because they can store much more data including url links, geo coordinates and text. Also they do not require a hand held scanner to scan them as most modern 3g mobile phones’ cameras can scan them.

There is an app that is available on most phones that will allow the mobile phone to scan the QR code.

Free QR Code Software that we recommend:

Smartphone Client Name
Apple iPhone Scan (Apps Store)
Google Android QR Droid (Android Marketplace)
Blackberry QR Code Scanner Pro (Appword Store)
Symbian i-nigma
WebOS i-nigma


I-nigma make a reader for about 450 different types of handsets. You can download your client at their website.