Mobile Websites

The Increasing Importance of the Mobile Phone


  • More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet while on the go. In fact, one-third of the world’s population uses their mobile devices to perform Internet searches.
  • One-half of all internet searches for LOCAL products and services are done on mobile phones.
  • Mobile users are 4 times as likely to buy something on their mobile phone than their PC.


Most small businesses do NOT have a mobile version of their website and as a result they are really hurting their ROI. If mobile users cannot find what they are looking for within a few seconds, then they will leave and look for a mobile friendly website.
Remember, a mobile website does NOT replace your existing website. It is a website that only has the essentials and is easy to navigate.

Our mobile optimized website (shown on the right below) comes with an unlimited number of pages. You have the capability of easily creating your own page with its own icon.

Changes to the website can be made from an easy to use Client Admin Panel (Back Office), shown below.

This is what a typical desktop website looks like on a mobile phone:

Your current desktop website will not work properly on a mobile phone because it is:

  • too large to fit on the tiny mobile phone screen,
  • takes too long to load due to the overload of text, images and flash animation
  • is hard to navigate, despite the pinching to zoom feature

What does your website look like on a mobile phone? Try our emulator to see

This is what the same website looks like on a mobile phone (Icon format)

Our mobile websites which are optimized for the mobile phone:

  • Are easier to navigate
  • Cleaner and simpler
  • Load quickly
  • Contain information that is pared down to the basics, which is ideal for users on the go who want information at their fingertips.
  • SEO optimized. Google is now giving a lot of SEO preference to mobile websites as it ranks them above PC websites in terms of page rankings.
  • Finger friendly - you can navigate the entire site with your index finger
Your Custom Built Mobile Website Will Include All Of These Great Features Plus Live Chat & Email Support


 With Your custom built mobile website you can build as many pages as you like highlighting your products and services. Plus you will get all these great features:



Click to Call

Your visitors simply have to tap this phone icon to call you




Your customers can email you by pressing this icon




Your Facebook feed is connected to the mobile website





Your clients can subscribe to your SMS text message marketing system.




Custom Pages

Add an unlimited number of custom pages in any language or script. You can also add blogs (via the RSS feed) and inline pages from other websites.



 Hours of Business

Your business hours are shown here so  customers can view this easily



Google Maps

By pressing this icon, your customers can easily locate you




Your Twitter feed is connected to the mobile website



About Us

Information about you is displayed here






Special Offers

Special offers for your customers to see are





Photo Gallery

Load up to 9 images of your products or business.  You can also create custom pages and add an unlimited number of images.  We've just created a beautiful photo gallery if you want to highlight specific images.  This is great for realtors, florists or anyone who wants to showcase images.




Google +

Your Google+ feed is connected to the mobile website so you can link to your Google + page.




Main Website

Your customers can visit your PC website through this icon and bypass the mobile website.


Screenshots of our Mobile Website