Social Media Posting Service

We make one daily post (except on holidays) to your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus). The posts are done through the Client Admin Panel (back office). You also have the ability to schedule posts through the Client Admin panel on a particular day and time, on your subscribed social media platforms.


1) We Highlight your Employees:

Highlighting your company is one of the best ways to give your brand a human face. Your clients and fans get an opportunity to take a peek inside your business, and hopefully feel even more comfortable with the service they are being provided with.

They learn more about your employees - their hobbies, interests, talents etc.

Sharing images of your Christmas parties, staff appreciation lunches and other work related events are great ways of projecting your corporate culture.

2) We employ visuals with every post:

It’s a fact - we are moving towards a more visual world. Users prefer images to reading blocks of text.  Marketers are moving away from text and realizing the power of the image.

Facebook’s own research shows that photo albums increase engagement by 180%, images increase engagement by 120% and videos increase engagement by 100%.

If you ask a fan to write a caption on your photo, you will get 5x more engagement than a standard post.

Our pictures are aimed to attract the reader’s eye, and we add compelling content to keep the reader reading.

3) We Make it Personal

If your currently view Facebook page posts, a lot of content people post on their page is more personal and less formal.

Sharing personal content makes your fan base feel connected with your brand and it makes you look more human. People respond more easily to a post about “ what I enjoy doing after work” than the 4th quarter results.

We encourage personal sharing from both our clients and their fans.

4) We employ humor

There is a lot of truth in the fact that comedy helps a brand connect with its audience. Think about it, if you saw a post that made you laugh or smile after a long day at the office, would you not want to share it or comment on it?

Humorous content is highly shareable, as Facebook users want to share the images with their friends -  this increases your reach.

We work with images, and we attach a narrative that the audience can relate to.

5) We respond to posts

Just as people expect great customer service from you in your business, they look to your brand to do the same on Facebook.

Believe it or not, 95% of brands do not respond to comments made by Facebook users on Facebook!

By responding to comments and questions promptly, you demonstrate your own high level of engagement and this creates a good impression on your fans. If you do not respond, your fans could assume your aren’t active of Facebook and stop engaging with you.

We make sure that every question is answered.

6) We discuss current events

Relating current events to your brand helps users see the value in being your fan. If you are a sports retailer, ask opinions on the latest Nike runner that has been released.  By updating about current events you are positioning yourself as knowledgeable on the topic and giving your fans a reason to seek out your posts and engage with them.

If a holiday is nearby, ask your fans what plans they have setup for the big day.  After a tragic event, post your condolences.

This gets your fans involved and more importantly, it gives your brand a human face, making your fans feel more connected to your brand.

7) We attempt to post at optimal times

There is no point of posting something if it does not reach its intended target.  Because so much content is posted on Facebook everyday,  it is important that your posts be read by your audience when you post them. So timing is crucial.

It is not easy to predict when your posts will be viewed as people’s behaviour is unpredictable.

We work with our clients to determine when their audience is online and the optimum time to post.

8) We ask questions

Asking questions is one of the easiest ways to get fans to comment on your page. The key is to ask questions that are easy to understand and respond to.

Ways of asking questions:

  •  Ask specific questions - they get more comments
  • Ask “yes or no” questions - more likely to be answered than open-ended ones
  • Share a photo and ask a question - “What’s wrong with this picture?” for example
  • “Where , When or Should” questions are more successful in engaging than “Why”
  • Asking for feedback on your products and services will prompt fans to express themselves
  • Poll questions are easy to create and will create more awareness about your page
  • Ask fun questions that may be off topic. This reminds fans that you are just like them
  • Ask those who have attended an event to share a favorite moment
  • Ask “fill in the blank “ questions. Everyone knows that these work really well

9) We give you varied content

The more variety you have in your Facebook posts, the more entertaining your page will be. Users will not hesitate to come back and engage with you.

Our posted content takes the following form:

  • Humorous jokes and images
  • New product tips
  • Asking fans to fill in the caption of a photo
  • Photos of employees
  • Polls for fun and research
  • Photos of satisfied customers
  • Links to interesting articles
  • Current news posts
  • Videos
  • Coupons