Text Message / SMS / Push Notification

The Best way to Reach Customers on the Device that is Closest to them  - The Mobile Phone


On our platform, business owners to sell to their customers using a simple sms/ text message.

It is a fact that no matter what is going on, when a text message comes in, that’s what we look at. Text messages have a 95% read rate, and businesses that use them are utilizing a very powerful and effective marketing channel.

A mobile phone is considered more private than an email, and people are therefore very sensitive about the information they receive. The key issue here is that messages are only be sent to individuals who have opted in.

With our System you get:

  • An easy to use online administration panel where you can create your messages, add/delete contacts, view sent messages
  • Software that allows you to send messages immediately
  • An opt in system that enlists loyal customers
  • Text message costs of only $.02 each
  • World-wide coverage

Other features:

  • Easy to Use Opt-in System
  • Groups
  • Text Scheduling
  • Free notifications to iPhones and Android handsets with our mobile app.

We have an intelligent messaging system that determine what type of handset your client has and send them the message leveraging the appropriate technology.  Our system can also send emails and soon will also allow interactive voice response for non cellular users.