You are a customer in North Vancouver looking for a nearby florist.  You search in Google for a “florist North Vancouver” on your mobile phone.


You get a number of business listings shown on the browser, the ones shown at the top are Google Places listings. You click on the 3rd listing (C).



The business website appears on your smartphone:




This website that appears on your screen has one of 3 problems typically associated with viewing PC websites on mobile phones:


  1. • The content is not clear as the website is too big to fit on your mobile screen.

  1. • You cannot view the website at all as there is too much flash animation that your phone can handle.

  1. • You have a hard time scrolling around the website trying to find the location or phone contact of the business.


So you resume your search on the browser and click on the site of another florist. The previous business that you just visited has lost your business (and other potential customers’ as well) because the website was not optimized for a mobile phone.




The new site you click on is a business that has one of our mobile optimized websites. The mobile website loads quickly, fits on the screen, is clear and easy to navigate.




You click on the clearly marked location icon and get the address of the florist, which is nearby. The website also has a coupon which can only be redeemed at the store by a certain date. To see the offer you can scan a QR code at the store.